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UV LED purifier Module

(SEIYA) World Building Crop. (Sieya) was established in 1973, and offered wide services on environmental cleaning, such as clinics, hospitals, business building, station, school, national museum, park, factory, highway, club, home.. etc.

In 1976, World Building Crop (Sieya) broke through its conventional cleaning way by adopting 3M Acrylic Wax. Even now, it is the most popular cleaning way in Taiwan. Meanwhile, we are the pioneer to introduce auto cleaning machine. We believe changing cleaning methods should comply with different building material. With changing building materials, many cleaning methods have to be adjusted.

Therefore, World Building Crop (Sieya) educates its staff to absorb advanced knowledge like various building materials, the physics and chemical features of the material. Compare with other cleaning company.

We are not only focus on cleaning way improvement, but emphasize on different material study. What we concerned is to protect material as original and environmental conservation. To create most comfortable living environment is our core spirit. As an experienced building environmental cleaning company, World Building Crop (Sieya) devotes to provide customers best services through cost-effective, high-valued services model.

In the year of 2003, we cooperated with a Japan company- Takahara Corp and introduced new innovation of environment to Taiwan. We pursue natural cleaning way to protect the environment and human health.

2003-2007,we use nano-tech inmaintenance, (exp:photocatalysis) We also supply action plan about friendly environment materials and solution. 2006-2009 We have to specialize LED light source engineering and manufacture with photocatalyst filter module. 2010-2018 we develop Indoor Air Quality product, such as air purifier and disinfection equipment .2019 UV LED Purify.

  • Seiyaled, with more than 20 year experience designing applications of Photo Catalyst and LED solutions, earn the reputation of industry expert. In product development process, Seiyaled will provide valuable experience and expertise to avoid the waste of try an error
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